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Специально для заинтересованных людей компания СтудиТек совместно с информационным порталом Ziogiorgio Network и одним из его авторов — Татьяной Никитченковой, поговорили о самых важных и интересных событиях в жизни наших друзей и партнёров — компании Audient.

ZioGiorgio: Please introduce yourself (tell us about your experience, how and when you joined the company, and why you chose Audient).

Andy Allen: Hello, my name is Andy Allen and I’m the Marketing Manager here at Audient. I have been at Audient for 3 and half years, ever since I picked up the phone one day and blindly asked for work experience as I was desperate to get into the recording industry. I first heard of Audient when I was studying recording engineering and was introduced to the ASP8024 console. Ever since then I have been at Audient and am lucky to have been part of taking four brand new Audient products to market.

ZioGiorgio: What product/products from the catalogue would you class as your flagship models and most in demand?

Andy Allen: Audient is mainly renowned for its large format console, the ASP8024, which was designed well back in 1997 by the genius that is David Dearden. Since then, we have gone on to make thousands of them for studios all over the world. To this day they are still in production due to their fantastic reputation and we’re glad to say the demand is as strong as ever. That’s nearly 20 years in production which is pretty much unheard of in our industry – a real testament to David’s design!


In more recent years we have branched out into the mic pre-amp and audio interface markets and have gone on to release four award winning products in the last 4 years alone. Our 8 channel mic pre range includes the ASP880 & ASP800, and our ‘iD’ interface range including the iD22 and iD14, all of which have been very well received by our customers.


ZioGiorgio: Why do you think this is? What characteristics make it stand out?

Andy Allen: I think we have a few. Since the company was founded we have always had a real emphasis on quality and that ethos has continued to be applied at every stage of our product design. We have always strived to provide our users with products that are reliable, well engineered, affordable and most importantly sound great. We have spent a long time building a brand that is renowned for quality and we intend to keep it!

One thing a lot of people don’t realise about us is that Audient are one of the only companies in the world to use the same mic pre design throughout our product range. The same mic pre design David spent years working on in back 1997. It doesn’t matter if you’re sat at a 48 channel console or sat with the iD14 on a laptop, you’re always guaranteed to get David’s renowned mic pre design. I think that’s what our customers really like about us, you’re always getting a bit of high quality gear that has a real heritage.


ZioGiorgio: Are there any analogue products remaining in the lineup?

Andy Allen: YES – Audient are very proud to still be in the analogue mixing console market and there is still strong demand for such products, with limited competition! We have over 1000 of our current analogue consoles in use today. Many of these are used in education establishments (such as SAE) and this is a strong platform for us to expose the quality of our products to up and coming audio professionals. It is amazing how many people learn about audio on an Audient console! The mic preamps in these consoles are the same as our audio interfaces.


ZioGiorgio: Does Audient have a motto? If so, what is it?

Andy Allen: Our motto at Audient is ‘We don’t just hear, we listen’ and I’ll explain why. The word Audient is taken from the latin meaning of ‘a person who hears or listens’ and we believe there’s a big difference between the two. Our whole industry is built on our ability to listen and by really listening to audio and we hear things that others wouldn’t in order to make the best decisions for a project. We’re all born with the ability to hear but we as audio engineers /producers are always striving to improve our ears and we spend a lifetime aiming to improve that ability to listen. It becomes an obsession! We share that obsession and have spent countless years designing products that make that process easier for you.


ZioGiorgio: Is this still the case for yourself?

Andy Allen: The vast majority of the team here at Audient are from audio backgrounds and a lot of us are still actively working in the music industry. So I would say yes, and it drives us to work hard on making great products that we would use ourselves.


ZioGiorgio: Can we expect any new products in the near future?

Andy Allen: I can’t say too much, as you’d expect, but we are always working on something new and I can safely say yes, you can expect new products from Audient in 2016.

ZioGiorgio: What do you want from 2016?

Andy Allen: We want to continue to develop exciting and innovative products that make the recording process easier, all with our trademark quality touch.

ZioGiorgio: Thanks Andy!

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