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Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. Its customers include the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities. We spoke with one of the company’s representatives, and discussed their current issues and future plans.

Christoph Harm, 46 years old, and International Sales Manager for Jünger Audio GmbH Germany, has been working in the Broadcast Industry since 1996.

ZioGiorgio.ru: A little bit of history…How and when did you join the company?

Christoph Harm: Sometimes things just happen. In mid-2011 I met a friend by chance, who told me about his newly offered job opportunity to build up and extend a sales team for a very known and valuable brand. I was already aware of the brand: Jünger Audio. Curious, I agreed to an informal meeting the day after, and was totally impressed by Jünger’s products, solutions and market focus. I was even more convinced and almost already captured by Jünger’s team spirit. Because of this, I just had to sign the contract offered to me. Working with Jünger for 4 ½ years now – I can still say that I have never regretted this decision.

ZioGiorgio:ru: Speaking of the past year, how was it for the company? Can you call it successful?

Christoph Harm: Generally speaking I think 2015 was the year that value for money became more important than ever. As the industry has been in recession for some time, budgets have been limited and buying decisions have needed even more careful consideration. There are signs of recovery and more new projects appearing but it means that there is a closer focus than ever on costs. However, the year was generally successful for us. We won projects with some new clients and provided some innovative solutions for live audio production. We also continued to strengthen our position as industry leaders in the field of real-time loudness management and monitoring.


ZioGiorgio:ru: What product was on the top of sales in Russia and the world for 2015? Why do you think so?

Christoph Harm: As everybody already knows, there was the release of the new Russian law “On advertising”, with its most important point being regulation of loudness in TV.
Therefore of course, we noticed a peek in sales requests for loudness solution products. But as all of our audio processing products, no matter if pure software or hardware solution, or designed for a small studio or a huge TV complex, are offering loudness solutions as one part of many – all Jünger solutions are flexible and highly efficient for this purpose. Because of this, I cannot really indicate only one “best seller”.

ZioGiorgio:ru: Could you tell us company’s main projects over the past few years in Russia and indeed the world?

Christoph Harm: Highlighting one “big” project here always includes the risk of forgetting another. For us every customer is equally important – and for every customer its project is important too. So we can say that we were and we are very successful in Russia, when there is the request of solving customers audio, voice and loudness issues. But maybe this question is better to be asked also to one of our reliable customers such as Channel One, Russia Today, TNT, UTV, VGTRK, NTV+…


If you are asking me for an international project to be highlighted here, one that comes to mind was the Automated Studio Production we realised for the German prime news show “Tagesschau” for NDR in Hamburg. This project is a perfect example of how to operate a modern studio very efficiently, and in it you will find a fully automated audio processing – including auto correction of spectral defects in sound as well as loudness- and automated leveling of all different incoming and outgoing audio sources.

This is certainly an interesting project which we could potentially also udnertake for Russia’s next studio production, as of course reliability and efficiency counts here as well.

ZioGiorgio.ru: What is your forecast for the industry’s development next year?

Christoph Harm: I expect that next year, TV broadcasters will focus on the need for greater efficiency in their workflows. From production to post and to playout, it will be crucial that all systems deployed, both hardware and software, are capable of delivering consistently high performance with the minimum of intervention and maintenance.

ZioGiorgio.ru: What are Jünger Audio’s plans for the next year?

Christoph Harm: To continue to innovate and develop advanced tools and products for digital audio processing, and to ensure that all our clients both old and new can “work smarter” in 2016.

ZioGiorgio.ru: Where can we see Jünger Audio’s equipment? Which exhibitions do you plan to attend this year?

Christoph Harm: We will definitely be present at all the bigger shows such as NAB, IBC and NATexpo – but there are many more events around. Just take a look at http://jungeraudio.com/en/exihibitions or follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/jungeraudio!
And of course you can always test our products “live” in Russia – just ask our Partner StudiTech to receive a demo in their show room.

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